Moms Must Haves

Being a mother of 3 I quickly learned that a lot of things you buy/ get gifted you don’t use. Third time’s a charm right? Here are a couple of my must haves.

1. Single Stroller

Graco Modes Click Connect

1 hand fold

Light weight at 21lbs (city mini is 16.65lbs & britax b-agile is 28lbs)

Reversible seat

Converts to bassinet w/o extra purchase

Super affordable at 159$ on amazon/Walmart (reg price is $229.99)

2. Infant Carseat

Graco Snugride Snuglock Platinum

1 hand adjustable handle (huge plus!!!)

1 hand adjustable harness system & head rest

Silent shade canopy (this is huge!) it makes literally no sound to move the canopy so it doesn’t wake baby up

Super affordable at $188.99 on amazon (reg price is $219.99)

I’m the type of mom that needs an infant carseat. I used it up until Jaylyn was 14 months and the only reason I took her out of it was because Jayson was born and we already had a convertible carseat for Jaylyn. She is 19 months now and still fits in it being under the 35lbs and under 32 inches (she is 23lbs and 31 inches). I attach it straight to stroller if the baby is asleep. So I really recommend it.

3. Double stroller

Baby Jogger City Select Double Stroller

Super light weight for a double stroller at 28lbs

I don’t like that you need 2 hands to fold

It’s not bulky nor long

Reversible seats

4. Convertible Carseat

Graco Size 4 Me Convertible Carseat

4-65lbs which I love because I used it with Jayden until he was 6 years old

Side impact tested

1 hand adjustable harness (love this!)

Rapid remove cover can be easily washed (HUGE)

Affordable at $179.99 on amazon

Not too bulky or big compared to other convertible carseats

5. High Chair

Graco Slim Spaces High Chair

Completely folds down

Light weight

Rolls easily

Takes up very little space

Messes are easily wiped down

Dishwasher safe tray

$117.49 on amazon

6. Boppy illow

Nursing Pillow

This item is a must for me! I am not sure if maybe it’s because I have big boobs but I have tried other nursing pillows like “My brest friend” & it did not work for me. It was super uncomfortable & I literally went back to target & returned it.

I love the boppy pillow, it gives me a lot of support while breastfeeding. I literally travel & I take it with me. I hate when I don’t have it because my arms literally get numb. Jayson is still small so not sure if once he gets a little bigger it will get better but for now I use the nursing pillow every single time I breastfeed at home. If I have to nurse in the car I use the arm rest which helps a lot.

7. Glider

Davinci Ruby Recliner and Glider in Gray

I did A LOT of research when purchasing a glider. I made the mistake of buying a cheap wooden one when I was pregnant with Jaylyn & it literally broke in 3 months. So this time around I made sure to look for sturdy one that had a weight limit of 300lbs because I am a plus size mom. I didn’t care about the price. This is something I use EVERY single time I breastfeed & I rock him to sleep. I wanted something that was going to last. I noticed a lot of gliders had a weight limit of 250lbs some even 200lbs. This glider also reclines which is a total plus. I didn’t want just a glider but I didn’t like how the ottoman took up space either so this was a perfect solution for me. The only downside about this glider is that it is fabric just like a lot of other gliders & can get dirty very easily.

8. Bassinet

Ingenuity Foldaway Rocking Bassinet

I had this bassinet in my baby registry & one of my friends bought it for us. It was on sale at that time for $53.99. I personally do not like to waste money on things I will not use for a very long time. We use the bassinet for about 6 months or until baby learns to sit up. I like that this one has mesh on the sides & the color is very gender neutral. It also has the option of rocking which we do use. The downside is that is doesn’t have storage, night light nor music but I did have one of the Delta bassinet for Jaylyn which had all of that & I never used it plus the canopy was super noisy & would wake baby up every time I tried moving it. I also love that this can be packed & taken when traveling. Once baby outgrows bassinet we do travel with a pack & play every single time. My daughter sleeps in hers when we travel.

9. Crib

Crib in Rustic White

10. Dresser


I do not like to buy super expensive cribs. We bought ours on sale & paid $250 for the crib & $250 for the dresser. Target has a huge selection at really good affordable prices. I really recommend a dresser where you can add the changing table on top because it definitely helps with space. I use the changing table ALWAYS! It helps my back a lot! I like that the crib converts to a toddler bed & then full. I personally will never use the full but I do use the toddler bed. Once they outgrow the toddler bed I put them in a Twin bed. We did a nautical theme & loved this ship lap look.

11. Carseat Cover & you save $5 on your purchase with code Marialis5

I honestly love having a carseat cover for so many reasons. It helps for weather like wind, rain, sun and so that random strangers don’t touch my baby. It helps my babies sleep better since it keeps it nice & shaded. I bought this one from Moonlight babies because Target has the same ones for literally double the price. I love that I can use it as a nursing cover as well.

12. Pack & play

Graco Pack & Play

Jaylyn is 19 months & I still use this pack & play! We travel with it ALWAYS! She sleeps in it when we do travel & I could not live without this. I do use the napper and changing table on the pack & play. I set it up in the living room.

13. Diaper Pail

Ubbi Diaper Pail

I used the diaper genie and ended up throwing it away. It smelled so bad. This diaper pail has been amazing. It’s made out of steel and does not need special bags, we use our trash bags! It does not stink up the room at all. I have one in Jaylyn’s and Jayson’s room.

These are my basic must needs for baby & of course we have more baby items like swing, baby carrier etc but these are definitely my main items. I hope this has helped.

Multi Functional Cover

I’m the kind of mom that likes to cover my carseat, keep strangers from touching my baby, to keep the baby asleep and many more reasons. I had been looking for a carseat cover for actually a while. When I was pregnant with Jaylyn I had the cutest one but it was purple and I wanted something more neutral for Jayson. I looked at a lot of places and they were about 40$ and I thought to myself “really?! for just

a cover!”. Until I found this cover from Moonlight Babies and I love it. Their prices are really good and I absolutely love the black and white modern yet neutral print. The fabric is really soft and stretchy but hugs the carseat perfectly. I like that I can use it for several things not just for the carseat. I’m a plus size mom and I can use it perfectly as a nursing cover. They also have baby slings and baby bags that are super cute. I love that they are a growing small business because I love to support small shops. I would love for you guys to check them out at & you save $5 on your purchase with code Marialis5. Thank you for all your support,

Stay at home mom

I recently quit my job to stay at home with my babies and I have to be honest it hasn’t been easy. I’ve been working since I was 15 and I’m used to having my own income. Plus, it was a job I really loved. Now I depend on my husband’s income, even though we have everything joint, it’s still a change. I have to budget. Before I could go shopping and know that it was ok because my income was just extra. Now I have to be careful of what I spend. I have also been adjusting to the home life. Sometimes it gets depressing, not going anywhere for days besides taking & picking up my son from school. The days seem to be flying by literally and I feel like I can’t get a handle on things. Some days I get so much done then other days I can’t get anything done. I’m definitely still learning how to be a good stay at home mom and my husband is beyond understanding. What I do know for sure is that no amount of money is worth missing my kids milestones. I absolutely love being able to raise my kids, see the new things they do every day & be available to do things during the day which I didn’t have time before. I can take the kids to the doctors, therapy, attend parent teacher conferences and not have to worry if I have enough pto to take off work. I definitely don’t regret quitting my job. I think about the future and I want no regrets so I chose to raise my babies instead. I know not everyone has this option, but if it’s possible for you and your family, trust me, you won’t regret it. Much love,

Adjusting to baby # 3

My babies are my pride and joy and my everything. My oldest son Jayden has been a huge help, he loves his baby sister and brother and is really self sufficient. However, with Jaylyn it was a curve ball. When we first came home from the hospital she had no idea who the baby was and all she wanted me to do was hold her, which I did as much as I could. Thankfully I had my mom and grandma here for a couple weeks to help transition our family from 2 to 3 kids. My mom would watch Jaylyn during the day so I could rest and my husband was at work. Once my mom and grandma left it was a challenge. Jaylyn is at that stage where she gets into everything and so I had to put her in the pack n play while I nursed which she didn’t like. Jayson would normally take about 45 mins to 1 hour nursing which is normal for a newborn but my baby girl was not used to not having the attention on her. She cried many times and so did I. I was overwhelmed, tired and stressed, but little by little I got a routine, I got better at multi-tasking. I try to nurse Jayson while Jaylyn takes her naps and while she eats her snacks and is occupied so she doesn’t cry. Multi-tasking is definitely key. Some days are hard other days are awesome but now Jayson is 3 months old and Jaylyn LOVES him. She says baby and goes up to him, gives him hugs, kisses & even puts the pacifier on him when he cries. I try as much as I can to include Jaylyn in things with the baby so she doesn’t feel left out. Having 2 under 2 has been extremely hard but it has gotten better. I try to be a better mother to my 3 babies and a good wife to my amazing husband every day. I hope this gives you an insight into my world and adjusting to having 3 kids and 2 of them under 2. Much love,