Multi Functional Cover

I’m the kind of mom that likes to cover my carseat, keep strangers from touching my baby, to keep the baby asleep and many more reasons. I had been looking for a carseat cover for actually a while. When I was pregnant with Jaylyn I had the cutest one but it was purple and I wanted something more neutral for Jayson. I looked at a lot of places and they were about 40$ and I thought to myself “really?! for just

a cover!”. Until I found this cover from Moonlight Babies and I love it. Their prices are really good and I absolutely love the black and white modern yet neutral print. The fabric is really soft and stretchy but hugs the carseat perfectly. I like that I can use it for several things not just for the carseat. I’m a plus size mom and I can use it perfectly as a nursing cover. They also have baby slings and baby bags that are super cute. I love that they are a growing small business because I love to support small shops. I would love for you guys to check them out at & you save $5 on your purchase with code Marialis5. Thank you for all your support,

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